How to Give a Partial Refund

It may sometimes be necessary to give a partial refund to a parent when something unusual happens. Such is the case with an extra unanticipated holiday was added in July of 2023. During this event, we automatically applied an adjustment to each account that had already signed up. However, for parents who have already fully paid for the camp, they will need a refund. That refund amount must be recorded.


  1. Find the parent account and specific camp purchase that needs refunding. Click “View details” to confirm.

  2. You’ll likely notice a negative balance for a camp that has been paid off and needs partially refunded.

  3. Click Actions → Add Adjustment

  4. Select “Refund” as the adjustment type

  5. Set the amount equal to how much you need to refund, in this case $41.00, It should look something like this:

  6. Now, you need to process the refund through