How to Transfer a Balance to a New Camp Using the Transfer Wizard

This tool will allow you to transfer a balance from a cancelled camp to an active camp for a parent. Before proceeding please make sure you have addressed the following:

  • Make sure the camp you can to transfer funds from has been successfully cancelled.

  • Make sure the camp you want to transfer funds into has been enrolled in either by the parent or an administrator and that it has a balance equal to or greater than the funds you want to transfer.

Lookup The Parent Account

The first step is to look up the parent account for which you want to transfer funds.


Select the Camp to Transfer Funds Into

Next, find the cancelled camp with a negative balance that you want to transfer funds from.

On the transfer funds wizard screen, select the camp with a balance that you’d like to transfer funds into.


Assess a Cancellation Fee on the Cancelled Camp

Next, enter a cancellation fee that will be assessed on the cancelled camp if applicable. If not, enter 0. Click Transfer Funds.


Review Changes

You’ll see the transfer credit has now been applied (minus the cancellation fee) to the active camp. If you take a look at the cancelled camp, you’ll see the cancellation fee has been applied and a refund credit has been issued to balance out the account.